Co-founder, Mate Tokay, Confirmed as Official Advisor to Zucoins. Co-founder, Mate Tokay, Confirmed as Official Advisor to Zucoins.

Zucoins is delighted to announce that cryptocurrency expert and Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Mate Tokay, is officially joining the team as an Advisor. This Advisory appointment is set to reinforce the capabilities and credibility of Zucoins. Mate brings an immense amount of expertise, a vast network and is committed to working together with the Zucoins team to uphold the mission of driving mass adoption.

Tokay, who is an entrepreneur at heart, graduated from the International Business School in Budapest in 2012. After graduating, he helped launch Superior14, a successful food supplement company. He then became interested in crypto after hearing about Bitcoin in late 2012 and began Bitcoin mining in mid-2013 using custom-built ASIC miners. In 2013 he founded the cryptocurrency media company, After a successful exit in 2015, Mate met Roger Ver, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin investors and co-founded, an original and industry-renowned cryptocurrency resource. He is also a well known international speaker advocating the enormous benefits of cryptocurrency technology.

As a leading figure in the crypto community, Mate focuses on a broader vision and communicating that vision to others while staying on top of industry trends. His goal and passion is to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible.

We invite you all to watch Mate share his thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency at The North American Bitcoin Conference here.

As an Advisor, Mate’s responsibilities will range from providing strategic advice and support on the commercial aspects of Zucoins to offering invaluable guidance about advancements in the crypto sector. He will also play a crucial role in providing warm introductions and leading corporate initiatives.

The Zucoins team is eager to welcome Tokay’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and passion for revolutionising cryptocurrency adoption. He is an outstanding resource to the team and an exciting prospect leading up to the launch of Zucoins.

I am absolutely thrilled that Mate Tokay is joining the Zucoins Advisory Board,” said Allan Endresz, Founder. “Zucoins will benefit enormously from Mate’s wealth of knowledge that he accumulated as the founder of and co-founder of with Roger Ver. Mate brings to Zucoins a level of media and marketing savvy that will ultimately deliver global mass adoption and usage of Zucoins. His energy and zest in breaking down the crypto barriers between merchants and consumers will be the x-factor that makes Zucoins the world’s leading crypto by choice. By combining Mate’s practical experience (with 12 million wallet downloads in and our next generation Splitchain technology, Zucoins will be at the forefront of the crypto revolution by solving not only the “Bitcoin Trilemma” of Speed, Security and Scalability but also delivering to the masses a user-friendly, instant and cost-free crypto experience through a truly autonomous permissionless based network.”


Zucoins is the worlds first peer-to-peer next-generation cryptocurrency, solving the “blockchain trilemma” of speed, security and scalability based on an autonomous and permissionless framework. For more information, please visit or contact

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Zucoins is the worlds first P2P next generation cryptocurrency, solving the “blockchain trilemma” of speed, security & scalability.

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Zucoins is the worlds first P2P next generation cryptocurrency, solving the “blockchain trilemma” of speed, security & scalability.

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